PACT Course Webinar Package

2017 Course Webinar Package

Our 2017 course webinar package includes four webinars, the 2017 PACT quizzes, and full access to the PACT student library.

  • Each webinar is taught by Stan Tatkin, is 2.5 hours in length, and is offered twice during one week. Students are welcome to attend both of the weekly sessions. The webinars are interactive learning experiences with Dr. Tatkin. Webinars are only available live, and no audio or video recordings can be made.
  • The PACT quizzes are designed to complement our Level I and Level II trainings.  Students can use the quizzes to test their knowledge of PACT principles and skills.
  • The student library includes an extensive bibliography, and instructional training videos and audio recordings.

Webinar topics:

  1. Deception: Explore new forensic tools for determining deception in partners by tracking the face, voice, body, and narrative.
  2. Deficits: Learn about developmental and neurobiological deficits that threaten the relational safety and security system and challenge therapy.
  3. Neuroscience: Learn more about neuroscience to better support your PACT work.
  4. TBD

The price for this package is $300. This package is only available to PACT alumni.

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Course Webinar Package and Video Subscription Bundle

Also, if you wish to purchase both the Course Webinar Package and the Level I Video Subscription we’re offering a discount of $54 ($375 total for both). This comprehensive package will help you strengthen your PACT skills and interventions, and is only available to PACT alumni.

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The PACT Institute reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who has not trained with Stan Tatkin or who is not in good standing with the PACT Institute.

2017 Webinar dates
(Pacific Time):

Monday, June 5
Tuesday, June 6

Monday, Sept 18
Tuesday, Sept 19

Monday, Oct 23
Tuesday, Oct 24

Monday, Nov 13
Tuesday, Nov 14