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The PACT Newsletter is a free e-newsletter that includes Stan’s latest blogs about understanding and improving relationships, PACT education for clinicians, and psychobiological tips for couples. In addition to Stan’s blog posts, our newsletter includes wisdom from our PACT community of talented clinicians. Also, we share up-coming events – including workshops, conferences, trainings, and other thrilling happenings in the world of PACT.

Recent PACT Newsletters:

Issue 52.0 Building Secure Functioning in the Face of Difference

Issue 51.0 The Devil is in the Details

Issue 50.0 The Poetry of Couple Communication

Issue 49.0 Using PACT in Individual Therapy: A Pro-Relationship Stance

Issue 48.0 Joysticks and Controllers: Using PACT With Kids Who Use Video Games Obsessively

Issue 47.0 The Making of a Third

Issue 46.0 The Body Knows How to Love

Issue 45.0 The Ghosts of Injuries Past

Issue 44.0 Renewing Love

Issue 43.0 Seeing and Understanding Each Other

Issue 42.0 Security at Home and in the World

Issue 41.0 Choose a Win-Win Resolution With Your Partner

Issue 40.0 The Beauty of Secure Functioning

Issue 39.0 Exploring Some PACT Maxims

Issue 38.0 Working With Traumatized Couples

Issue 37.0 Opportunity Through Affect

Issue 36.0 The PACT Therapeutic Stance

Issue 35.0 Restoring Love with the Scaffold of Secure Functioning

Issue 34.0 Mentor Couples

Issue 33.0 Working with Challenging Couples

Issue 32.0 The Boomerang Effect

Issue 31.0 What Dating Apps Can Steal From You

Issue 30.0 On the Road to Secure Functioning

Issue 29.0 Psychodrama in Couple Therapy

Issue 28.0 Beyond the Ick Factor: Deeper Healing for Issues of Sexuality

Issue 27.0 Therapist Self-Regulation, on Flying into a Hurricane

Issue 26.0 Do What I Want!

Issue 25.0 The Read and Blue of Marriage

Issue 24.0 Working Through Betrayal – Regret to Redemption

Issue 23.0 PACT Honors Military Appreciation Month

Issue 22.0 Our Automatic Brain: Everything New Will Soon Be Old

Issue 21.0 King and Queen: Protecting the Couple Relationship 

Issue 20.0 Couples in Distress: Working With Bottom-up Interventions

Issue 19.0 The End: Take It Off the Table

Issue 18.0 Small Moves, Big Movement

Issue 17.0 Secure Family Asana

Issue 16.0 Make Love and Avoid War

Issue 15.0 Working Bottom Up in PACT

Issue 14.0 Power Couples…Activate!

Issue 13.0 Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning

Issue 12.0 Discovering New Steps to Shift a Couple’s Dance

Issue 11.0 Secure Enough to be Spontaneous

Issue 10.0 Betrayal Causes Trauma

Issue 9.0 The Deal Breaker

Issue 8.0 No Pain, No Gain

Issue 7.0 On Being Found

Issue 6.0 Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

Issue 5.0 Partnering Up

Issue 4.0 Couple Bubble

Issue 3.0 Theory into Practice

Issue 2.0 Therapeutic Stance

Issue 1.0 Inspiration

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