PACT Core Faculty

PACT core faculty teaches Level I courses. Each faculty member is a phenomenal teacher and therapist, and we’re excited to introduce them to our community.
Karen Berry, PhD

Karen Berry is a sought-after PACT-trained therapist and a certified sex therapist. She is a New York based clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families.

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Rachel Cahn, MA, LPC

Rachel is a couple therapist in private practice in Boulder, CO. She is passionate about helping clients improve the quality of their lives through resolving early attachment disruptions and finding security in relationship.

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Jami Faletti, MA MFT
Jami Faletti is a skilled couple therapist, and her philosophy is simple: we thrive when our adult attachment relationship is safe, working, and strong. Her passion and expertise are in guiding (and yes, sometimes pushing) her clients toward secure functioning.
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Inga Gentile, MFT

Inga is a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a licensed psychologist in Norway. She’s on the clinical staff at Viken Senter, a national psychiatric center in the northern part of the country. Her work there focuses on the intensive inpatient treatment of couples and families, many of whom have experienced developmental trauma. She believes strongly in supporting the building of robust relationships as a means of alleviating individual distress and encouraging individual and collective development.

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John Grey, PhD
John Grey is passionate about working with couples. In fact, he only works with couples. He loves helping partners reignite and strengthen their love. Finding Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy was like coming home to his roots.
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Rachel Holland, DClinPsych
Rachel Holland is a chartered clinical psychologist with the British Psychological Society who specialises in psycho-oncology (the psychological care of cancer patients and their families).
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Jeff Pincus, LCSW
Jeff Pincus works exclusively with couples in his private practice in Boulder, CO, and is a dedicated PACT therapist.
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Lon Rankin, MA, LPCC
Lon Rankin is a couple therapist in private practice in Santa Fe, NM. His background is in transpersonal psychology. He enjoys keeping current with the vast amounts of emerging neurobiology research and exploring the use of nonordinary states of consciousness for healing.
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Hans Stahlschmidt, PhD
Hans Stahlschmidt is an experienced therapist who works with couples and individuals in private practice in Berkeley, CA. He is interactive and direct, and from early on, establishes a secure frame that allows the couple to be vulnerable as well as rise to the challenges necessary for lasting change. He calls his office a “failure-friendly space.”
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