PACT Level I Video Subscription

The Level I video subscription gives you access to a series of 34 instructional videos that support and enhance the PACT Level I training. It is only available to those (current students and PACT alumni) who have completed the 9-day Level I training, and is designed to be helpful to all PACT-trained therapists.

All the videos are thorough educational pieces and feature an introduction and summary for a specific PACT intervention, principle, or skill. Each video builds upon the Level I manual and in-class experience. The series includes the videos shown during the training, plus additional bonus videos for each module.

PACT work with couples is dynamic. Having the videos available at your convenience allows you to pause and start so you can study each partner’s face, body, and “tells,” as well as what Stan is doing. The videos were created with four cameras: a wide shot on Stan plus the couple, a camera on Stan, and a camera on each partner.

Preview the videos, along with Stan’s commentary: 

Includes 34 Videos
Over 10 Hours of Video

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Video Topics

Module 1

  • Primitives and Ambassadors
  • Auto, External, Self, and Interactive Regulation
  • Bottom-up skills
  • Islands, Anchors, and Waves
  • Cross-track, Cross-comment, Cross-question, and Go Down the Middle
  • Case Conceptualization
  • PACT Serenity Prayer
  • Therapist Self-Regulation

Bonus videos:

  • Video Playback
  • Anchors, Islands, and Waves Demonstration

Module 2

  • Partner Attachment Inventory (PAI) Part I
  • Partner Attachment Inventory (PAI) Part II
  • Toward and Away
  • Toward and Away: Islands, Anchors, and Waves
  • Toward and Away: Video Playback
  • Corralling Questions
  • Bending Metal / Declarations of Commitment
  • Automatic Brain
  • Brain Development
  • Brain Primer
  • Tortoise and Hare
  • Toward and Away: Disorganized on Vimeo

Bonus videos:

  • Brain Upgrades
  • Uncut Partner Attachment Inventory (PAI)

Module 3

  • Secure-Functioning Interventions
  • Island Interventions
  • Wave Interventions
  • Disorganized Partners
  • High-Arousal Couples
  • Low-Arousal Couples
  • High-Low Arousal Couples
  • Lovers’ Pose

Bonus videos:

  • Declarations with Islands and Waves
  • Disorganized States vs. Traits

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The price for a subscription (includes all 34 videos) is $129. Videos will be available on your portal for one year from the starting date of your subscription. Current Level I students will have access to each module’s videos after they have attended that module.

Videos are not available for download or copying, so you will need an Internet connection that allows you to watch online.

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Webinar Package and Video Subscription Bundle

If you wish to purchase both the Course Webinar Package and the Level I Video Subscription, we’re offering a discount of $54 for both ($375 total). This comprehensive package will help you strengthen your PACT skills and interventions.

Note: The Course Webinar Package does not include Topic-Specific Webinars.

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